Blue Skies

Blue Skies

An important lesson that I have learned from meditation is that the blue skies are always there. Your mind may become clouded, but the blue skies are still there - just temporarily hidden. Judging the clouds will not help. Complaining about the clouds will not help. The more you think about the clouds, the cloudier your mind will become. Luckily, we often have a bit more control over our mind than the sky above us.

The best course of action is to acknowledge whatever is clouding your mind, and then let it go. If you cannot do that, then you can at least take comfort in knowing that the the clouds will pass eventually. The blue skies are always there.

Another important lesson that I have learned that you cannot think yourself out of a bad narrative. Logic does not always work. If you just cannot ever seem to come up with a solution to a particular problem-maybe the answer is to let go. Be at peace and move on.

I have found daily meditation to be incredibly valuable, and I encourage everyone to try it. I used to think I was already mindful, so "I don't need meditation". However, I think I have been much more kind to myself and others since I have started to meditate every day.

Daily meditation does not stop me from having bad days, getting angry, or being sad. It simply allows me to recognize these emotions more quickly-and to release them. If I cannot release them, then I at least take comfort in knowing that I will probably wake up feeling better tomorrow, or next week. Either way, the clouds will pass.

If you want to try daily meditation, I highly recommend Headspace. It is not free, but they offer a 10-day trial. There are also plenty of other apps and books on meditation that you could try.

Take care of yourself.