I tried Purple Carrot

I tried Purple Carrot, the vegan version of Blue Apron, a prepared-meal delivery service. Unfortunately, I had to cancel immediately after my first package. This is what I wrote when cancelling:

Holy bananas, the packaging is far too much for me.

To be fair, I probably could have predicted this - so I am not necessarily trying to drag the company, but there is no way I can keep a subscription when the packaging is this unsustainable.

For a vegan company, I expected more environmentally-friendly packaging.
In fact, scrap packaging. Give me a reusable box that you will pick up and drop off every week like the milkman days of old.

I don't want to pour into my trash four bags of refrigerant and recycle the thin plastic shell. That is not ~recyclable packaging~. As well, 2 square yards of jute fiber is a bit too much for me to want to compost every week.

I could live with the single-use plastic for wrapping the vegetables (though I would rather go without), and I could probably live with the cardboard box every week. The packaging needed to keep food "fresh" is just too much.

Please fix this, as I would have loved to keep this service. The meals were very good.