Vegan (Friendly) Restaurants in San Francisco

I wanted to document all the vegan food in San Francisco that I recommend, mostly so that I can send this list to Couchsurfers.

Here is a Google Map that shows the locations of (most) of the restaurants: map.

Vegan Only

  1. Gracias Madre: Mexican restaurant with a variety of dishes, desserts, and drinks.
  2. Indochine Vegan: Asian cuisine with tons of options and a few western dishes.
  3. VeganBurg: Burgers only with some strong side/dessert options, in a unique space.
  4. Shizen Sushi Bar*: Tons of vegan sushi options and sides.


  1. Papalote: Burritos and bowls that aren't too expensive. Highly recommend the Tofu Mole. This is my top pick.
  2. Rosamunde Sausage Grill: Has some good fake meat sausage options and many options for beer.
  3. Crazy Pepper: Tons of fake meat vegan chinese options. Also really close to my apartment.
  4. Mission Pie: Always has at least one vegan pot pie and other sweet pie options.
  5. Judahlicious: Light meals and juices available if you're in West San Francisco.
  6. Green's Restaurant*: Upscale vegetarian restaurant located on the coast with a great view.


I have only been to DNA Pizza and the reason I like them is because they don't solely use Daiya cheese. This section still needs some work.

  1. DNA Pizza
  2. Delarosa
  3. Patxi's Pizza
  4. Cybelle's Front Room
  5. Bare Knuckle Pizza (Oakland)
  6. Lanesplitter Pizza (Oakland)


  1. Garden Creamery: Ice cream place with a few vegan options on rotation.
  2. Mission Pie: Always has a couple vegan sweet pie options and other desserts. By the slice or an entire pie.

* Haven't been here yet.